Offering A free discovery visit

During a Discovery Visit, Carrie will meet with you in person at the studio or on the phone (your choice) to talk with you for 10-15 minutes in order to share more about what she can do for you and if working with her may be a good fit for you.


What should I expect during an regular appointment?



Evaluations are a conversation between you and Carrie that allows Carrie to understand your history, the nature of your condition, as well as your limitations and goals. The evaluation lasts one hour and will result in a plan of care that is unique to you. A plan of care includes an idea of how long it is expected you will benefit from working with a physical therapist, how frequently, how much you need to do on your own, and is always tailored to your goals and needs. Evaluations also include treatment as time permits, often involving manual therapy, dry needling if needed and desired, and neuromuscular training.

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Follow Up

Follow up appointments are also scheduled for one hour and occur after the evaluation. These visits include the combination of treatments that will best help you achieve your goals.


Rates and Packages

Single session: $120

Packages for multiple sessions available with advance payment*:

5 sessions: $495 ($99/ visit)

10 sessions: $950 (95/visit)

*Sessions purchased in packages can be applied towards immediate family members care as well, in order to promote health for the whole family

Wellness packages:

Return to Balance: A unique program that is designed to help you transition smoothly from injury to a regular yoga routine. Includes physical therapy evaluation and follow up (if needed) with Carrie, in addition to one-on-one yoga private session with Chelsea Winters, yoga instructor and owner of Anahata Yoga & Wellness. Call for details on program structure and pricing.

Wellness and Recovery Package: This includes one hour-long massage with Eileen with Healing Roots Massage in addition to an hour-long physical therapy session geared towards recovery that may include stretching, joint mobilization and/or dry needling with Carrie, both located in the Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center for $179.

Gym physical therapy: Work with Carrie at the Avon Recreation Center or Minturn Fitness Center to develop and/or sustain a gym routine that allows you to recover safely from or avoid injury. Single person $140/ hour-long session. If you come with another person who you will be exercising with regularly, $195 for an hour and a half session.

If you are interested in any of the above packages, please call (970)306-6443 or email


Insurance and payment information

Equilibrium is currently an out-of-network provider with most major insurance companies in order to provide you with the highest quality care and time you deserve to reach your goals as quickly as possible.  This means that you will pay upfront for the services and upon request can be provided with a physical therapy super bill that details the charges to submit to your insurance.* Many of you will have at least partial coverage of the visit through your insurance’s out of network benefits, which you can verify with your insurance provider. You are also able to pay with your Health Savings Accounts (HSA), for those of you with high deductible plans with HSA’s.

Medicare will be accepted in the near future, pending application processing.

Rates are competitive with other cash-based physical therapists, as well as with self-pay options available at the larger physical therapy companies with shorter treatment times.

*As a courtesy, Equilibrium will provide assistance in submitting claims to provider if needed


Book an Appointment

Booking yourself here is the easiest and most efficient way to schedule an appointment. Schedule an “initial evaluation” if you are a new client with Equilibrium Physical Therapy, or you have a new condition, other than the one you were previously seen for. Schedule “follow-up” if it is a visit for a condition you have already been seen for.

Pricing for a non-Medicare appointments depend on number of sessions you decide to purchase, which can be discussed during your evaluation.

You can also fill out the contact form if you don’t see a time that works for you or you’d like more information on payment.